Walter Grady Roberts

Walter Grady Roberts: The Man Behind Julia Roberts’ Legacy


As the well-known father of Julia Roberts, the actress who won an Oscar, Walter Grady Roberts achieved notoriety. Despite having a very brief acting and writing career, he made a lasting effect. It’s noteworthy that Yolanda King, the wife of Coretta Scott King and the prominent civil rights leader, learned acting under him. It’s amazing how the performing arts community can bring together people from many spheres and walks of life.

Who is Walter Grady Roberts?

The most prominent association with Walter Grady Roberts is as the father of Julia Roberts, a popular actress and Academy Award victor. Even while he might not have achieved the same degree of popularity as his daughter, Walter had a solid career and a happy life.

Walter Grady Roberts pursued a career in acting and playwriting. He and his wife even created a children’s show called “BumBum and His Buddies,” which aired on a local network. It’s heartwarming to think about the creative endeavors they embarked on together.

Walter, the gifted dramatist and performer, is sadly no longer with us. At 44 years old, he lost his heartbreaking battle with throat cancer in 1977. His daughter Julia, who continues to enthral audiences with her extraordinary talent, carries on his legacy.


Walter was the patriarch of a unique three-parent family structure. Although he passed away before witnessing the remarkable success of his children, he left an enduring influence that encouraged them to follow in his footsteps.

His 1956-born son, Eric Roberts, has influenced American acting. Eric is one of the rare actors with over 500 credits, having over 596. He is incredibly dedicated to his craft.

Lisa, Walter’s second child, was born in 1965. She joined the entertainment industry as an actress and producer. Eric and Lisa are famous for their own accomplishments and as the siblings of Julia, a 1967 Hollywood actress. It’s a testament to the artistic genes that run deep in their family and the legacy that Walter Grady Roberts left behind.


Personal Information
Full NameWalter Grady Roberts
ProfessionActor and Celebrity Father
BirthplaceUnited States
Marital StatusMarried
GirlfriendBetty Lou Bredemus
Relationship HistoryNo
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight57 Kg

Age, Siblings, Ethnicity, Education

Walter Grady Roberts came into this world on Christmas Day, December 25, 1933, in Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, adding a special touch to the holiday season.

He was born into an American Christian family, and his parents were Walter Thomas Roberts and M Beal. Walter Grady Roberts proudly held American nationality, though he didn’t openly discuss his specific ethnicity.

As for his educational journey, Walter Grady Roberts successfully completed his high school education at a local high school. However, he kept the details of his school or college name a bit private, leaving us to wonder about the formative years that shaped the man who would later become the father of the iconic Julia Roberts.

Walter Grady Roberts Height & Weight

Walter Grady Roberts kept his weight and other physical attributes away from the public eye, maintaining a level of privacy about such matters.

However, he is the delighted father of 5’8″ Julia Roberts. Julia’s stunning attractiveness is enhanced by her alluring black eyes and luscious black hair. It’s amazing how familial traits can shape each person’s personality.

Personal Info

Walter Grady Roberts shared a significant part of his life with an actress and acting instructor named Betty Lou Bredemus. Their story began to unfold while they were both involved in performing “George Washington Slept Here” for the military. Fate brought them together during these early encounters, and they developed a strong friendship.

As their relationship grew, they took it to the next level while touring with the show. After much courtship, Walter and Betty married in 1955, starting a new chapter in their lives.

The couple had to make a tough choice after 20 years because life is unpredictable. Walter’s wife Betty filed for divorce in 1971, and they divorced a year later.

To this day, the specific reasons behind Walter and Betty’s separation remain a mystery. Nevertheless, they share the enduring connection of being the parents of three children: Lisa Robert Gillian, Erin Robert, and the renowned Hollywood actress Julia Roberts. Their shared family bond persists as a testament to the complexities of love and relationships.

Full NameWalter Grady Roberts
ProfessionActor, Playwright, Businessman
Popular ForBeing the father of Julia Roberts

Professional Life

Walter Grady Roberts joined the US Army after completing his education and spent five years of his life serving his country before starting his professional career. He turned to the theatre as a new career after serving in the military.

Walter Grady Roberts travelled to New York City’s busy streets to take in the thriving theatre scene. There, he adopted the duties of both a playwright and a producer, bringing to the theatre imaginative works and narratives.

In 1971, Walter achieved a significant milestone when he co-wrote and produced the off-Broadway play, “The Colored Museum.” Both critical and economic success for this show attested to his talent and commitment. His contributions to countless more theatre performances over the course of his career had a lasting impression on the theatrical community.

But Walter Grady Roberts wasn’t confined to just the theater. Together with his wife, he ventured into the world of children’s entertainment, crafting a delightful show named “BumBum and His Buddies” for a local network.

Beyond his theatrical pursuits, Walter also found success in the realm of sales. He worked for the Xerox Corporation for many productive years, rising through the ranks to eventually become the Vice President of Sales. He demonstrated his adaptability and managerial abilities in this significant position by overseeing the company’s sales operations in the South-east of the United States.


Walter Grady Roberts led a remarkably quiet and controversy-free life. He maintained a low profile, steering clear of any noteworthy rumors, scandals, or public disputes throughout his journey. His commitment to a more private existence allowed him to focus on his family, career, and personal pursuits without the distractions that often come with fame or public attention. Walter’s legacy is one marked by his dedication to his craft and his family, free from the noise of public controversy.


When it came to his personal life, Walter Grady Roberts, the celebrity’s father, was a very quiet person. There isn’t much information available to the public concerning this area of his family history because he prefered to keep the specifics about his siblings, if any, behind tight lock and key. Instead of going into great depth about his extended family, Walter seemed to be more interested in his personal family and the activities he had pursued over his lifetime.


As an actor and dramatist, Walter Grady Roberts had a very brief but fruitful career. It’s interesting to note that he had a significant influence on Yolanda King’s development as a performer. Yolanda King is the daughter of legendary civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King. The Atlanta Actors and Writers Workshop was established by Walter and his wife Bredemus, and it was a huge success.

Later on, the couple ventured into the world of children’s entertainment, producing approximately 15 episodes of a show called “Bum Bum and His Buddies.” Their creative journey took an interesting turn.

However, life took a challenging twist for Walter and his wife as they faced substantial financial difficulties. Regrettably, their co-founded workshop eventually phased out, marking a challenging period in their lives.

Although Walter Grady Roberts departed from this world before witnessing the successful careers of his children, he left an enduring legacy that encouraged them to follow in his footsteps. Eric, his older son, is a very skilled actor who has an astounding 596 credits to his name. In the same way, his daughter Lisa has established herself as a well-known producer and actor in our day and age.  And, of course, his daughter Julia shines the brightest among them, celebrated far and wide for her exceptional acting skills. The impact of Walter’s influence continues to resonate through the remarkable achievements of his children in the world of entertainment.

What is the net worth of Walter Grady Roberts ?

With her memorable performance in the 1990 romantic comedy “Pretty Woman,” Julia Roberts’ stardom absolutely surged. Her status as one of Hollywood’s most active and well-known actors has now become unquestionable. A tribute to her ability and ongoing appeal in the entertainment world, her extraordinary professional achievements have translated into a huge nett worth.

Julia Roberts’ Income Sources
Superhit movie “Pretty Woman”$30,000
Blockbuster movie “Erin Brockovich”$20 million
Movie “Mona Lisa Smile”$25 million
Annual film salaries and endorsements$20-$30 million per year
Endorsement deal with Gianfranco Ferre$6 million
Endorsement deal with Lancome (5-year deal)$50 million
ModelingIncome not specified

Walter’s Wife

Walter’s love story is a tale of two worlds colliding. He met the wonderful Betty Lou Bredemus, an actress and acting coach, during their involvement in the play “George Washington Slept Here” for the armed forces. Their connection was swift and deep, blossoming into a beautiful friendship.

Fate brought them on many theatre trips, which enhanced their love story. They married in 1955, starting a great partnership.

The popular Atlanta Actors and Writers Workshop was their theatre enterprise.  But their creative spirits didn’t stop there. They also maintained a school for young actors and created 15 episodes of the cherished children’s programme “Bum Bum and His Buddies,” which was broadcast on a nearby network.

Their common love of the arts and commitment to developing emerging talent created a lasting impression on the entertainment industry. Walter and Betty’s love story was one of companionship and artistic collaboration, making an enduring impression on everyone they came in contact with.

Was married to an actress and acting coach

Walter’s love story had all the makings of a classic Hollywood romance. He crossed paths with Betty Lou Bredemus, a fellow actor and acting instructor, while they were both involved in the military production of “George Washington Slept Here.” They had an undeniable chemistry, and they grew close very soon.

They went on several trips together, which strengthened their relationship, and in 1955 they made the historic decision to get married. Their relationship was characterised by a common love of the arts.

They collaborated to create the Atlanta Actors and Writers Workshop, an endeavour that was a huge success in the theatre industry. But they didn’t stop there; they continued to be imaginative. Walter and Betty also ran a children’s acting school and even produced 15 episodes of “Bum Bum and His Buddies,” a beloved local children’s show.

Their love story served as a tribute to their shared commitment to developing young artists’ skill and cultivating creativity in addition to highlighting their romantic relationship. The legacy of Walter and Betty is still quite visible in the entertainment industry.

What caused their breakup?

Walter and Betty found themselves facing some tough financial times, and sadly, the workshop they had built together was slowly fading away. They decided to divorce after over 20 years of marriage, which was a difficult choice. Betty started the divorce process in 1971, and by 1972, their union had been declared legally dissolved.

The reasons behind their divorce remain a mystery, locked away in the pages of their personal history. In the end, Betty moved to Smyrna, Georgia, and brought her kids with her. One of them was Julia, who was just five years old at the time her parents’ marriage broke up. It serves as a reminder that, even in the realm of celebrity and glitter, life may present its share of difficulties and upheavals, having an impact on families in both significant and insignificant ways.

His ex-wife remarried the same year of their divorce

When Nancy, the daughter of Walter and Betty, tragically lost away at the early age of 37 after committing suicide, the family was faced with an unspeakable loss. It was a tragic loss that unquestionably affected the family for the rest of their lives.

Their family story also included some painful chapters, as Michael’s role as both a husband and stepfather to Betty’s children was marred by abuse. Julia and her siblings had to endure a difficult upbringing marked by this abuse. In 1983, Betty took a courageous step and filed for divorce from her abusive spouse, citing cruelty as one of the reasons. To safeguard herself and her kids from additional violence, she had to make a tough but essential choice. This chapter in their family’s history serves as a reminder of the fortitude needed to escape such situations and look forth to a future that is safer and more promising.

Net Worth

We’ll take a peek at Walter Grady Roberts’ estimated net worth, salary, lifestyle, and more in the years 2020 and 2021.

Please note that my knowledge only goes up until September 2021, so I won’t have information on events or changes beyond that date. Additionally, Walter Grady Roberts was not a widely recognized public figure like his daughter Julia Roberts, so there might not be publicly available financial details about him.

Financial Information
Estimated Net Worth in 2021$1 million to $5 million
Previous Year’s Net Worth (2020)$1 million to $5 million
Annual SalaryUnder Review
Income SourceCelebrity Parent
Net Worth Verification StatusNot Verified

Social Media

Walter Grady Roberts has consistently maintained a low-key approach to social media. Throughout his life, he prioritized privacy, opting to keep his personal matters away from the scrutiny of the public eye.


  • Julia Roberts was the daughter of Walter Grady Roberts.
  • He was a brief but influential actor and dramatist.
  • Walter and Betty Lou Bredemus created “BumBum and His Buddies.”
  • He died of throat cancer at 44 in 1977.
  • Walter’s son, Eric Roberts, is a successful actor with over 500 credits.
  • His daughter Lisa Roberts acts and produces.
  • December 25, 1933, in Atlanta, Georgia, Walter Grady Roberts was born.
  • He worked in theatre after five years in the US Army.
  • The off-Broadway hit “The Coloured Museum.” was co-written and produced by Walter.
  • He was Xerox’s Southeastern Sales Vice President.
  • Walter kept a low profile, focusing on family and work.
  • He divorced Betty Lou Bredemus in 1972 for unknown reasons.
  • Their 37-year-old daughter Nancy committed suicide.
  • Betty Lou Bredemus remarried the year she divorced Walter.
  • Walter’s family struggled, including Betty’s marriage abuse.
  • He was 5’8″ and thin.
  • Children Eric, Lisa, and Julia followed Walter’s artistic path.
  • He helped Yolanda King’s acting career.
  • In 2021, Walter’s estimated wealth was $1–5 million.
  • He kept his social media presence low-key and cherished privacy.


Walter Grady Roberts, Julia Roberts’ father, was an actor, playwright, salesman, and creator of a popular children’s show. Despite his brief career, he shaped theatre and entertainment. His children Eric, Lisa, and Julia continue his showbiz legacy. Walter’s life revolved around privacy, craft, and family.


Was Walter Grady Roberts famous as an actor?

While not as famous as his daughter Julia Roberts, Walter had a successful acting and playwriting career.

What caused Walter and Betty’s divorce?

Financial issues contributed to their 1972 divorce.

How did Walter help Yolanda King grow?

Walter co-founded the Atlanta Actors and Writers Workshop, which helped Yolanda King become an actress.

What was Walter Grady Roberts’ wealth?

Walter’s anticipated 2021 nett worth was $1–5 million.

What was Walter’s height and appearance?

Walter Grady Roberts was 5’8″ and slender.

Did Walter have siblings?

Walter’s siblings and extended family are mostly unknown.

How did Walter’s family history affect his children’s upbringing?

His children, including Julia Roberts, were abused in Betty’s later marriage.

Walter Grady Roberts left what?

Walter’s legacy includes theatre achievements, influencing his children’s careers, and family loyalty.

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